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GENTLE YAG Pro 1064nm ND YAG Laser 3680 Watts ACC Air Cooling For Hair Removal

GENTLE YAG Pro 1064nm ND YAG Laser 3680 Watts ACC Air Cooling For Hair Removal

GENTLE YAG Pro 1064nm ND YAG Laser

Hair Removal 1064nm ND YAG Laser

Place of Origin:

Beijing, China

Brand Name:

Snail Medical



Model Number:


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Product Details
Pulse Width:
ACC Air Cooling
Spot Size:
6,8,10, 12,15,18mm
Auto Set
Input Power:
3680 Watts
Headpiece With Slider
Lens Caps:
6,8,10mm, 12,15,18mm
Pilot Beam:
520nm Green Laser
100x176x10mm Made By UK
Fiber Spec:
1.6mm Diameter With 2600mm Length
PP+DI Filter
Net Weight:
220V AC Single Pulse
Product Description

1. Super GENTLE YAG Pro1064nm ND YAG Laser + ACC Air Skin Cooler for Hair Removal and Vascular and Skin Rejuvenation

The Alexandrite Laser Series

The New Generation of Laser Hair Remvoal You Never Expected.

1064nm lasers for hair removal, vascular and skin rejuvenation.

GENTLE YAG Pro 1064nm ND YAG Laser 3680 Watts ACC Air Cooling For Hair Removal 0

ND YAG Wavelength Delivery System

Single, lightweight, ergonomic handpiece deliverying both 755nm and 1064nm wavelength for ultimate treatment convenience.

Multiple Spot Sizes

6,8,10,12,15,18mm spotsizes are anatomically appropriate and offer a wide range of fluence delivery capabilities.

Large Spot Size Delivery

ND YAG wavelength 20,22, and 24mm spotisze enable shorter treatment times.

Specialty Spot Sizes

Specialty Delivery System option with 1.5, 3 and 3x10mm spots for vascular and pigmented lesions, and 5mm for nail fungus.


2. ACC Air Cooling

The skin air cooler adopts a variable frequency air compression fan device to compress the air and then spray cold air through the refrigeration device. The cold air cools the skin to protect the epidermis, reduce pain and enable high energy density without damaging the epidermis.

Please pay attention during operation,

One. Do not blow the same part for a long time to avoid frostbite.

Two. The height of the tuber should be above 8 cm from the skin to prevent frostbite.

Three. Always drain water when transporting and the angle of inclination is no more than 30


Four. Do not scrub the panel with alcohol to prevent the writing from falling off.

Five. Do not switch on and off frequently.

Six. Do not switch the machine frequently, and do not start the time interval less than 3 minutes..

GENTLE YAG Pro 1064nm ND YAG Laser 3680 Watts ACC Air Cooling For Hair Removal 1

GENTLE YAG Pro 1064nm ND YAG Laser 3680 Watts ACC Air Cooling For Hair Removal 2


3. Treatment

Target Color Base Absorbance of Melanin to Different Wavelength of Laser.

Melanin decreases as the wavelength increases, the longer the wavelength, The higher the absorption of melanin, the more obvious the effect.



A world leader in hair removal and so much more.

Whatever your business needs, from hair removal to vascular lesions to pigmental lesions, the Gentle Series has a device that is right for you. You can purchase the G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro system with its dual laser configuaration or the GentleLase Pro or GENTLE YAG Pro device with the single laser that is the best suited to your patient needs.


GENTLE YAG Pro 1064nm ND YAG Laser 3680 Watts ACC Air Cooling For Hair Removal 3

4. The Gentle Pro Series


For over 20 years, whenever physician practices, hair removal clinics and medical spas across the globe wanted o provide their patients with the gold standard in laser hair removal and more,


they turned to the Gentle Pro Series.

Today, whatever your business needs, from hair removal to vascular lesions to pigmented lesions, the Gentle Pro Series ahs a device that is right for you.

Patient Satisfaction

A positive experience means patients will be coming back for more and spreading t he word about their Gentle Pro procedures.


Power, speed and larger spot sizes all combine to let your practice treat more patients in less time.

Ease of Use

Great technology always keeps the user in mind, which is why the Gentle Pro series do devices is designed to make it simple for doctors and technicians to treat every patients.


While our Gentle Pro devices are best known for hair removal, that's only the beginning of what your practice can offer. Our 755nm and 1064nm wavelength laser technology also treats:

. Pigmented lesions

. Redness and Facial Vessles

. Spiders and Leg Veins

. Wrinkles

. Onychomycosis (nail fungus)

GENTLE YAG Pro 1064nm ND YAG Laser 3680 Watts ACC Air Cooling For Hair Removal 4

5. OEM/ODM Service

Based on our strong R&D and design capabilities, as well as sufficient supply capacity, our company can also provide OEM/ODM services. If you have sufficient strength to become our partner or want to distribute our equipment locally, we will be committed to working with you.

GENTLE YAG Pro 1064nm ND YAG Laser 3680 Watts ACC Air Cooling For Hair Removal 5


6. Technical Parameters


Items Details
Monitor 10 inches Digital Real Color LCD
Interface Touch
Control system Single chip
Headpiece/spot-size Headpiece with slider, lens cap=6,8,10mm, lens cap=12,15,18mm
Large Spot-size 20,22,24mm (optional)
Fiber with slider My by Thorlabs US, 1.6mm diameter with 2600mm length
Protect window Sapphire window
Distance Gauge 18mm, 24mm(optional)
ACC Cooling  
Air Skin Cooler  
Speed control 1-9 degrees
Air Tempreture Below -25oC
Air Volume 2 square meter/min maxium
Refrigerant 404A Freon
Input Power 800 watts
Voltage AC 110-220V Single pulse
Net Weight 55kg
Noise <70 Db
Size 540x400x1160mm
Cali port Inside chamber and headpiece holder
Cali degree By each parameter
Water Cooling  
Cooling system Water circulation
Water temperature 5-25 oC auto control
Water tank US type
Filter PP+DI filter
Heat radiator Korea type, two pieces with 2000 watts each
Cooling Fan 3000-6000 R/minute, speed auto control, 4 pices
Wavelength 1064nm
Energy 100J @ 1064nm
Lamps amount One Pair
Lamps origin Made by Heraeus UK
Lamps size 10x162mm 770 ppi
Alexandrite Rod 9.53x116mm US Type
ND YAG Rod 9.53x116mm US Type
Pulse frequency 0.5hz, 1Hz,1.5hz,2Hz,5.0hz, 10hz
Pilot beam 520nm green laser
Power system  
Power supply part 2680 watts
IGBT part Made by Infineon Germany
IGBT amount One
Capacitance capacity 12500+40000uf=52500uf
In charge voltage 750-1400V DC
Voltage input 220V AC
Water circulation Yes
Water speed Yes
Water temperature 50oC
Water purity Yes
Fiber insert Yes
DCD over heat NO 
Lamp over load Yes
Simmer Yes
Calibration fail Yes
Maintaince Yes
Labels Guide use and safety notice
Size & Weight  
Size 400(W)x800(L)x1150mm(H)
Net weight 95KG












































































Duration of effect and suitability

A treatment of very light or grey hair is not possible with the alexandrite laser, since this only affect dark colour pigments. As well a treatment with the alexandrite laser is not suitable for people with a darker skin colour. However, we offer other suitable laser methods for such cases.

Several long-term studies confirm the long-term effect of hair removal with the laser procedure. Already from the first treatment a reduction of the hair density can be perceived. Thus, this decreases with each treatment on.

How long a treatment is necessary, depends on the density and kind of body hair, as well as on the skin type. On average about eight sessions are necessary.

7. Environment

Air quality:
The system should work in a non-corrosive environment. Corrosive substances, such as acids, etc., may damage the surface of the wires and electronic equipment. Dust in the air should be kept to the minimum. Metal particles have a corrosive effect on the electronic device.


Temperature and humidity

Working temperature: 10-30oC

keep temperature: 0-55oC

Working Relative Humidity:max 80%

Storage relative humidity: Max 90%

Atmospheric pressure: 860hPA—1060hPA

Environmental requirements: Avoid the sunshine


8. FAQ


Gentle ND YAG Laser AIR Cooling for Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation


Q1. Can I have a sample order for G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro?

A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.

Q2. What about the lead time?

A: 10-14 days for Sample preparing, 14-28 working days for mass production.


Q3. Do you have any MOQ limit for G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro order?

A: Low MOQ, 1pc for sample checking is available.


Q4. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

A: Ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It takes 7-10 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping also optional.


Q5. How to precede an order for G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro?

A: Firstly, let us know your requirements or application.

Secondly, we quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.

Thirdly customer confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order.

Fourthly We arrange the production.


Q6. Is it OK to print my logo on the front cover and on the headpiece?

A: Yes. Please inform us formally before our production.


Q7: Do you offer warranty for the products?

A: Yes, we offer 1 million shots or one year warranty for quality.


Q8: How to deal with the faulty?

A: Firstly, our products are produced in strict quality control system and the defective rate will be less than 0.2%.

Secondly, during the warranty period, we will ask or local service to contact you. If your location is far away from our local service, we will arrange engineers to check online and offer you technical solutions, and we will ship you newly parts without costs to replace.



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