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Popular G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro Laser 755nm Alexandrite 1064nm Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine

Popular G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro Laser 755nm Alexandrite 1064nm Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine

Hair Removel G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro Laser

Popular G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro Laser

1064nm Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine

Place of Origin:

Beijing, China

Brand Name:

Snail Medical



Model Number:

G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro

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Product Details
Popular G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro Laser 755nm Alexandrite 1064nm Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine
10 Inches Digital Real Color LCD
Headpiece Cooling:
DCD Cooling+fan Cooling
Cooling System:
Water Cooling
Skin Cooling:
DCD Cryo Cooling -35 To -15 OC
1 Year
Product Description

Popular G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro Laser 755nm Alexandrite And Yag 1064nm For Hair Removel

Popular G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro Laser 755nm Alexandrite 1064nm Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine 0

1. Instrument name: Long pulse width 755 alexandrite laser

2. Technical advantages: unique patent DCD dynamic cooling technology, hair removal is not afraid of scald, red, swelling and pain, no need to apply any media before hair removal, the whole process is painless, cool and comfortable, straight hit the hair root will never regenerate.Suspension depilation is light or not on the skin, not restricted by the head and body bone parts.

3. Treatment parameters:

(1) Laser type: emerald laser system, wavelength 755nm,

The energy, pulse width, frequency and spot diameter are adjusted and controlled by computer.

(2) Input power: 4000W energy 8-60J/cm2

(3) Pulse width 1-100ms, frequency 0.5-2.0Hz

(4) Cooling system: water cooling + air cooling +DCD cooling

(5) Spot area is round, diameter 6-18mm

(6) Screen: 10.4 inch touch color screen

4. Laser principle: 755nm can effectively pass through the skin to reach the location of the hair follicle, light can stay in the hair follicle for a long time, the hair follicle can fully absorb light energy, so as to achieve the purpose of destroying the hair follicle.The ultra-long pulse width makes the laser energy has sufficient time to destroy the hair shaft, hair follicles and stem cells, to achieve permanent hair removal, because the hair removal process can only be carried out in the hair growth period, and the growth cycle of each hair hair is different, so the whole course of treatment may need 3-6 times of treatment.

5. Treatment range: Suitable for the removal of excess hair on the face, lips, beard, neck, chest, back, legs, arms, armpits, bikini line and other parts of the body.Hair removal of all skin types is the golden wavelength of hair removal in The Middle East of Asia,European, population.The absorption rate of melanin of 755nm laser is higher than that of 800nm semiconductor laser, which is more suitable for the removal of light and fine soft hair, especially for female lip hair removal efficiency is higher.

6. Contraindicated

(1) Infection or history of herpes simplex infection in the treatment area.

(2) Allergic to hydroquinone or other bleach.

(3) Within 6 weeks, patients who had used other methods of hair removal.

(4) A history of keloid.

7. Laser treatment steps

General steps of laser treatment: ① Switch on the power supply and preheat the machine.② Preparation of the treatment area: before treatment, shave the hair, clean the area and remove oil and dirt.③ Therapeutic parameters were set and experimental treatment was carried out.④ Get the best parameters and complete the whole treatment.⑤ Explain the matters needing attention after operation.

8. Postoperative complications

Side effects of laser hair removal are rare. The most common skin reactions include pain, temporary erythema, and edema around the hair follicle. More serious are blisters, pigmentation, and hypopigmentation, and scarring is rare.

9. Postoperative care

(1) There may be scattered erythema or edema in the area of hair removal after surgery, which need no special care and generally subside within a few hours.

In serious cases, it can be treated with ice.

(2) Pay attention to keep clean after operation, avoid wet water, sunscreen and sunlight within 24 hours.

10. Precautions

(1) The patient's past medical history should be carefully inquired before surgery.

(2) Appropriate eye protection should be done before treatment, including patients, operators and observers in the treatment room.

(3) At the beginning of treatment, the spot should be tested in an inconspicuous area before comprehensive treatment.


The latest generation of 755nm emerald ultra-light hair removal system combines all the advantages of traditional freezing point hair removal and semiconductor laser hair removal. It adopts 755nm standard laser. 755nm laser hair removal produces a slight heat sensation when applied to the skin. The cooling system quickly cools the epidermis without causing damage to the skin, making the treatment more comfortable and safe.

.Popular G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro Laser 755nm Alexandrite 1064nm Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine 1

2. Cryo Cooling System


Popular G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro Laser 755nm Alexandrite 1064nm Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine 2


3. Treatment

Target Color Base Absorbance of Melanin to Different Wavelength of Laser.

Melanin decreases as the wavelength increases, the longer the wavelength, the less menlanin is absorbed. The higher the absorption of melanin, the more obvious the effect.


The deepth of different wavelength of laser compared by Alexandrite Laser 755nm

Popular G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro Laser 755nm Alexandrite 1064nm Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine 3

Popular G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro Laser 755nm Alexandrite 1064nm Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine 4


The Headpiece is fine designed, and the laser spotsize can be adjusted from 8-16mm diameter, and a continuely headpiece cooling is cool the skin to get down skin tempreture, all that will enables the treatment much more convinent, comfortable and efficient.


Popular G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro Laser 755nm Alexandrite 1064nm Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine 5


5. OEM/ODM Service

Based on our strong R&D and design capabilities, as well as sufficient supply capacity, our company can also provide OEM/ODM services. If you have sufficient strength to become our partner or want to distribute our equipment locally, we will be committed to working with you.

Popular G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X Pro Laser 755nm Alexandrite 1064nm Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine 6


6. Technical Parameters


Items Details
Monitor 10 inches Digital Real Color LCD
Interface Touch
Control system Single chip
Headpiece/spot-size Headpiece with slider, lens cap=6,8,10mm, lens cap=12,15,18mm
Large Spot-size 20,22,24mm (optional)
Fiber with slider My by Thorlabs US, 1.6mm diameter with 2600mm length
Protect window Sapphire window
Distance Gauge 18mm, 24mm(optional)
Canisters amount One Dozen (12 bottles), US Type
Canisters Charge Pre-charged or Pre-vacuumed
Canisters color Yellow, Green, Blue, or Black
Cryogenic shots About 20,000 shots
Valve Fixed inside headpiece, US Type
DCD heat up Auto control
DCD pressure Auto control
DCD pulse duration 10-60ms
DCD Pulse interval 10-60ms
Cali port Inside chamber and headpiece holder
Cali degree By each parameter
Cooling system Water circulation
Water temperature 5-25 oC auto control
Water tank US type
Filter PP+DI filter
Heat radiator Korea type, two pieces with 2000 watts each
Cooling Fan 3000-6000 R/minute, speed auto control, 4 pices
Wavelength 755nm
Energy 60J@755nm
Lamps amount One Pair
Lamps origin Made by Heraeus UK
Lamps size 10x162mm 770 ppi
Alexandrite Rod 9.53x116mm US Type
ND YAG Rod 9.53x116mm US Type
Pulse frequency 0.5hz, 1Hz,1.5hz,2Hz,5.0hz, 10hz
Pilot beam 520nm green laser
Power supply part 3680 watts
IGBT part Made by Infineon Germany
IGBT amount Two
Capacitance capacity 12500+40000uf=52500uf
In charge voltage 750-1400V DC
Voltage input 220V AC
Labels Guide use and safety notice


8. FAQ


Q1. Can I have a sample order for G.E.N.T.L.E-M.A.X  Pro?

A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.

Q2. What about the lead time?

A: 10-14 days for Sample preparing, 14-28 working days for mass production.

Q3. Do you have any MOQ limit for GentleLase Pro order?

A: Low MOQ, 1pc for sample checking is available.

Q4. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

A: Ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It takes 7-10 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping also optional.

Q5. How to precede an order for GentleLase Pro?

A: Firstly, let us know your requirements or application.

Secondly, we quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.

Thirdly customer confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order.

Fourthly We arrange the production.

Q6. Is it OK to print my logo on the front cover and on the headpiece?

A: Yes. Please inform us formally before our production.

Q7: Do you offer warranty for the products?

A: Yes, we offer 1 million shots or one year warranty for quality.

Q8: How to deal with the faulty?

A: Firstly, our products are produced in strict quality control system and the defective rate will be less than 0.2%.

Secondly, during the warranty period, we will ask or local service to contact you. If your location is far away from our local service, we will arrange engineers to check online and offer you technical solutions, and we will ship you newly parts without costs to replace.


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